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Advertising Is Not About You

We’ve put together a 3-part series on boosting sales because we are here to give you tangible actions and not just a high-level view of general practices. We strive to give you the tips and tricks you need to succeed. Part 1 of the series focuses on advertising because the impact affects current prospects and future prospects, near and far.

The act of advertising and marketing is traditionally defined as calling attention to your products through paid announcements. That definition made us fall asleep as well… and guaranteed if you approach it that way, so will your customers.

Know Your Audience:

The first rule in any communication is Know Your Audience. And to take this a step further in a digital marketing sense, you must understand who is making the purchase decision. Your customers may be families, but who is making booking? The father? The mother? Then, what profile does that decision maker have? where do they live? what are their interests? What are their pain points? What are they looking for? Once you understand all aspects of this person you can begin to develop the targeting and the messaging that will resonate with this person. It is imperative to start building a profile of the decision maker before you begin crafting any advertising messaging.


Once, you have the profile of the person you are speaking to, you can develop the messaging. Think of the profile and imaging they are across the table from you in person.

  • How would you talk to that person?
  • What would you need to tell them that is relevant to their needs and expectations?
  • How can you speak in a personal way to them?

Take all of these things into consideration when crafting your advertising messaging.

How To Inspire The Purchase

    • Target your decision maker profile via social media advertising.

    • Promote your uniqueness … no, you don’t need to go on a discovery journey up Machu Picchu. It’s usually the thing you think should be a no-brainer:

      • We treat you like family

      • Your fun is what runs our business

      • Otter, the office dog loves visitors… you get the idea!

    • User Generated Content: Check Instagram and see which customers are sharing their experiences on Instagram. You can use their photos (always with crediting their instagram handle) to turn their content inside out and work as your advertising. Most people are happy to have brands share their content, but it is often polite to ask for permission first. 

    • Use testimonials in your social media advertising, your discount flyers, and your website.

    • Don’t underestimate the power of video. Create videos with intent:

      • Testimonial videos that you post on social media should be unpolished because customers want the real deal.

      • Marketing videos should be short and to the point with more production power behind them. Don't lead the video with a logo, as viewers will swipe past. Make sure you capture attention within the first 5 seconds.

    • Speaking of testimonials, sell your amazing customer service along with your competitive pricing.

    • Improve the SEO of your website to be the first on your customer's search results - Ok, we admit this last one isn’t as easy, but our professional marketing services are here to help with this.

Using Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are some of the best possible advertising content when building trust and customer loyalty. Indexic’s online booking system automates your follow up communication at the same time as keeping the message branded and personalized. Our experts in marketing and in business growth strategy have many more of these tips up their sleeves… trust us, we have a lot of sleeves in the office. When you sign up with Indexic, you get complimentary social media sponsored boosts, which exponentially increases your reach and link clicks.

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