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Digital Marketing Trends for Tour and Rental Operators

Digital marketing plays a pivotal role in the success of a tour and rental company. The good news is you can manage it effectively on your own. We will discuss various ideas and tools you can use to start or even enhance your marketing efforts in this article. 

78% of travelers use social media to plan their vacation and continue to use it while on vacation. Given the number of choices in the tours, rentals, and experiences sector, you need to think about how your business can stand out. Using a digital marketing plan is a fantastic way to stand out.  

Digital Marketing Trends for Tour & Rental Operators that will Improve Your Social Media Bookings/Sales

Posts are often the first impressions people have of your business, so make sure they attract and engage potential customers. Use these best practices to reach your business goals with posts:

  • Use a call-to-action (CTA) button - both Facebook and Instagram have CTA buttons available to any business account. This is a wonderful place to insert your website link as today’s customers look for instant connectivity.
  • Know Your Customer – what are the best days to post, what times should you post, and how often you should post to get the most according to a 2022 marketing trend report by HubSpot. They reported the following guidelines for B2C companies
  • The best time to post on Facebook is between 6 – 9 PM
  • Posting daily is recommended 
  • Use high-quality creatives: People may be more likely to pause on, interact with, and respond positively to posts with creativity that captures their attention. 
  • Using Video in your post-videos gets more exposure/engagement. If you have logged in to any social media platform recently, you might have noticed video content within the first 10 seconds. This is because video content typically performs best with most algorithms, based on the fact it captures a viewer’s attention for longer. Videos also allow you to add other elements such as music, which can help capture the character of your business. 
  • Join the TikTok Craze – TikTok is the most popular video app, its format makes it easy for guests to share user-generated content with travel brands to promote authenticity and build trust. Users can share unfiltered reviews, sneak peeks, and highlights of what makes your tour or rental so attractive to future customers.  Watch this video on how to share your TikTok video on social media.
  • How Often to Postposting videos regularly will educate your customers about the experience that you offer and give them a more in-depth look at your services.
  • Make Posts Actionable: Try different tactics to grab your audience's attention and drive them to take actions you care about. Share articles or blogs from your website. Supply links to your newsletter sign-up form. Ask your fans to answer a question or share their opinions in the comment section of your post. While not every post needs to encourage action, actionable posts may increase engagement and supply business value when the action is related to your business goals.
  • Request User-Generated Content (UGC) – UGC is content created by customers and published on your social media. UGC comes in many forms, including images, videos, reviews, a testimonial, and even a podcast. Using UGC as a marketing strategy is one of the strongest forms of marketing because it increases your credibility as a business. Posting UGC on your profile presents proof that your service is worth posting about and recommending to friends. 
  • Boost Post:  For an exceedingly small amount of money, you can boost posts you've already created; try adding a call to action. Use call-to-action buttons to prompt people to call, sign up for something, book appointments, and more. You can tailor the boosted post based on key features of your audience, like age, location, or interests.
  • AI Content Writing for Social Media:  AI is now being used not only to assist in website content writing but it's also being utilized to improve content for social media posts.

Here is a helpful video of Best Practices for posting on your Facebook Business Page 

Once you have mastered these strategies to make reservations through your social media sites, you will want an online booking software that allows customers to make reservations on your website. With Indexic's online booking software, your customers can make reservations quickly. You will be able to track your business's performance with real-time availability viewers, automatic email notifications, secure payment gateway connections, and reporting tools, in addition to allowing your visitors to make reservations more effectively. You will save time and reduce your administrative duties, so you can return to what you enjoy most: creating memorable experiences for your guests.

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