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The Partnership Mentality

Last week’s sales boosting pro tip was all about communicating your value to your customers, with an emphasis on value. The goal is inspiring your customers to get what they want by choosing you. I’m tempted to repeat that sentence because it is so deep, but I’ll just encourage you to read it again and explore the implications.

This week, we bring you some insights into boosting sales through community. Community in essence is connecting and sharing. Your existing network is an untapped portal into growth. And speaking of growth… there are multiple ways to expand that existing network and expand the sharing. We believe that “sharing is growing”… even though “sharing is caring” is more fun to say!

The Value of Business Partnerships:

  • Partner up with businesses near and far, to sell for you in exchange for a commission.

  • Partner up with complementary businesses to offer packaged services or products.

  • Promote your partners in-store and on social media… because flattery will get you everywhere.

  • Host an event or partner up with local vendors to host one together – this builds community:

    • Community picnics, pop-up markets, scavenger hunts, food truck rallies, music festivals, etc…

    • Co-brand your swag and offer incentives when customers shop at all your partner stores.

Customer Partnerships Through Engagement:

The most immediate partnerships you have are the one’s you have with your customers. Here’s how to leverage them:

  • Transparency is a highly underrated tool. Honesty creates trust and trust empowers people to buy:

    • Keep your word on your promise of value and experience.

    • Showcase your customer’s joy so current customers can picture themselves in their shoes.

  • Make your buying process convenient, easy, and simple!!  Ok, yes they all mean the same thing, but it was worth repeating because that's how important it is to your customers and essentially, to your sales.

    • In-store: Consider shopping patterns to remove obstacles and guide your customers to buy.

    • Online: Buttons that allow your customers to buy should be consistent and easy to find – consider investing in expert UX Design guidance on this because it pays off.

    • Over the Phone: This method of buying is fading but don’t neglect it. Avoid arduous phone menus and value the quality of your customer service.

  • Consider your community impact and help your customers be involved — customers want easy ways to contribute to the greater good.

  • A stellar experience makes for a healthy repeat business and referral business ecosystem.

  • To delight your customer, you must know your customer – get specific through your social media channels:

  • Provide links to increase convenience when customers have booked with you:

    • Link to a map of your location.

    • Link to participating business they might engage with in tandem with yours.

    • Link to local events around the time of their booking.

  • Offer online booking – don’t miss out on the millions who prefer to conduct business online.

  • Promote online booking – don’t miss out on the local and out-of-town visitors who book in advance or want to keep shopping after they go home.

  • Have we mentioned online booking? Mobile search has already eclipsed desktop search in volume.

We could throw a bunch of fancy statistics your way, but we think you are smart enough to know that E-commerce is not the way of the future anymore, it is the way of today (and so are hover boards – crazy!). Giving your customers an online booking option is an important profit driver of your business and in today’s fast-paced world it is also a huge time saver for you. Contact INDEXIC today to find out how to automate your process and launch your online bookings.

Schedule a demo today with our helpful sales team to find out how you can easily and affordably boost sales today!


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