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Proven Ways to Grow Your Golf Car Rental Sales.

Looking to grow your Golf Car Rental business? Golf car rental businesses are seeing strong growth and as a result, the market is expanding rapidly. But how do you grow your business and stand out from your competitors in such a rapidly growing industry?  

To help you achieve your growth goals and bring new customers to your business, Indexic, our online golf car rental and waiver software company, that works with many golf car rental companies compiled helpful tips: 

1. Know your audience and market your business to them. 
  • Email Marketing allows you to constantly update your customers on events, and promotions, or just remind them to come to visit you.  
  • Social Media Marketing is probably the simplest and fastest way to market your business and directly reach the customers who are looking for you. By utilizing hashtags and geographic tags, you’re able to target exactly who is looking for your type of tour, activity, or rental. 
  • Search Engine Optimization improves the quality and quantity of website traffic to your website from search engines, ensuring that you get as many new customers as possible.  

2. Make sure you have an online booking software.
  •  Of the 148 million online travel bookings in 2018, 82% occurred online. There are no limitations with online booking. You don’t want to be confined to your 9-5 office hours for people to book you. To be always prepared for customers, you need an online booking software. 
  • Having instant availability to rent is much better than just having a request form on your website because it books and processes credit cards automatically, no matter the time of the day. No more having to worry about how to get payments and no back and forth and no missed phone calls. 
3. Manage your golf car inventory closely.  
  • To grow, you need to know exactly where your equipment is, how long it is rented for, and when it’s being returned. This will streamline your customers' overall rental experience, by ensuring that they are given a non-conflicting car rental schedule when booking.  
  • The online software will give you the ability to view all your inventory in one place to guarantee that you never undersell or oversell.  
4. Protecting your company is one of the most important aspects of growing your business.  
  • Having a solid waiver or contract agreement your customers need to sign is essential. You do not want to be responsible for any injuries or lost items, and a strong waiver will help reduce your liability.  
  • Having an online booking software that integrates with a waiver software will make things simple for you and your guests to sign their waivers right when they book. Online waivers not only protect your company but with advance, waivers wait and set-up times are drastically reduced when customers arrive at your business.  

Want to see how it works? Watch the YouTube video and see Indexic's reservation software. I

Indexic is an online booking, rental, and waiver software for golf car companies. Our software has no out-of-pocket costs, no contracts, and no monthly fees.  We are a US-based company that offers incredible customer service.

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