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Tips on improving customer service for tour and activity companies

Tour, rental, and activity companies' pain points

Tour and rental operators interact with hundreds of people a day with different personalities and preferences, but all have the same desire to have an amazing experience at your business. With all the variables that come with running a tourism business, your system for booking reservations has to be reliable, efficient, and easy to use so your team can provide top-notch customer service. We know it’s not always easy to anticipate what the customer will want or do, but with our years of experience in the tourism industry, we developed Event Book Manager to be intuitive to your needs. Here are three ways Indexic can help handle some common customer pain points we have found over the years:

The Customers that Reschedule Last Minute

We’ve all had that customer that calls in 10 minutes before the trip is due to depart and asks if they can switch to a later time. It’s important to be able to quickly address their concern so that customer doesn’t turn into a flat-out cancellation. Event Book Managers calendar function gives you an overview of the whole day/week/month showing you the most up-to-date availability for activities, so you can provide your customer with options quickly over the phone. It is quick and easy to move the customer’s reservation by simply clicking on their existing reservation, and then selecting a new time for them to enjoy their activity. You are able to move one or multiple reservations at a time, so when that large family reunion party needs to reschedule -- you’re not spending the rest of the afternoon getting it squared away.

The Customers That Don’t Check Operating Hours

When customers book their rentals, they might not be thinking of your operating hours, only about the fun they want to have and how long they want to enjoy their activity. It might seem obvious to not book an eight-hour rental at 2 pm when the business closes at 6 pm, but some customers don’t do the math. With Event Book Manager you’ll never have to undergo that awkward conversation explaining why the customer can’t have that 8-hour rental at 2 pm. The Event Book Manager software has the ability to check your operating hours and only offers customers time slots that ensure your rentals are back before you close. You can offer morning and afternoon time slots for the half-day or full-day options that always land within your operating hours.

The Indecisive Customer

We all know that moment when you’ve taken down all your customer details and are nearly finished with the reservation when they decide to book a different activity. Instead of having to retype all of the customer’s information into the system again, with one click of the copy button you are able to capture all the customer’s details, select a new activity, and then auto-fill in the information. You’ll now be able to easily switch activities mid-reservation without starting from the beginning. And what if they change their mind about what activity they want after they book online? Event Book Manager still has you covered! Our software can move a reservation from one activity to a totally different service, while seamlessly handling the financial transaction too. If the two activities are different prices, we will either charge or refund the card on file for the difference in cost.

With Indexic you won’t have to be bogged down or stressed out over these common customer pain points. Easily navigate your reservations and bookings so you can have more time to focus on the in-person customer experience, so everyone is ready to have a fun time and make awesome memories!

If you think these tips could improve your businesses customer service and you're not a client yet, contact us to revolutionize your business.