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Know Your Audience to Ensure Maximum Payback From Your Marketing

COVID-19 grabbed the world and turned it upside down.  In the post-Covid world, we live in, it continues to change the way we live everyday life; Kat’s Pro Tips took a short break. Why you ask? Because we are certainly not pros in navigating a global pandemic. As our new normal stays steadier than anything we have seen in months, we have gathered some knowledge about shifting your tour and rental business to fit this uncharted territory and we are here today to do our favorite thing; share this knowledge with you all!  


Understand Who Your Customers Are for Returns on Your Tour Marketing Efforts

While summer provided a glimpse of normalcy to some businesses, the fall brings a shift in the number of people traveling and who is traveling. As it most often does, tourism begins to slow down as school returns. Families have shifted their attention from family fun to scheduling school demands and children’s extracurricular activities. You may be thinking “Who is left?”  

Off-season, we are left with two main groups traveling and participating in activities.  These include residents in your local community and adults who do not have children; also known as empty nesters. In order to attract these groups to your facility, you should be shifting your marketing efforts to appeal to them specifically. 

Tours and Rentals for the Non-Traditional Customers 

Locals look for special discounts so offer up some unique discounts just for them.  Explore the Buy-One, Get-One model, consider offering a sneak peek or free-sample model for one of your activities.  A shortened trip can pique their interest and entice them to come back for a longer trip or to do another of your events.  Once you win them over, they will recommend you to their visitors when they come during the summer and your prices aren’t discounted.  A little investment now will pay back next season. 

The empty nester is a demographic you should be targeting in your marketing efforts.  Empty nesters have spent the past few decades taking care of their families and they now find themselves in the enviable position of being free from that responsibility and they have more disposable income than they have had in years.  The good thing is, they want to spend those additional funds on themselves.  People are remaining active for many more years now than ever before.  Checking things off of “bucket lists” becomes a serious endeavor as we age so it’s your job to make them want to spend their money with you. Adjust your marketing to show older clientele enjoying themselves on your activities, offer a senior discount or give them a free photo package. Bet they end up on Facebook, furthering your exposure to that demographic.   

At Indexic, we strive to stay current with travel trends and provide tips and suggestions, so you have the information you need to make the best decisions for your business.  As a reservation and e-waiver software provider, we are passionate about the tour industry and helping our clients succeed.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to help.