How to Grow your Tour, Rental, or Activity Business

Tips to Grow Your Tour, Rental, or Activity Company

Are you wondering, “how do I grow my tour, rental, or activity business?” Well, look no further than Indexic’s guide to growing and improving your business. Whether you’re a boat tour and rental operator, an ATV rental company, a snowmobile rental, and tour business, or a golf car rental operator, this guide can help you grow.  

Looking for more customers? Identify your target audience and market to them.  

Reaching your customers is vital to expanding your business and growing your brand. There are many different ways to reach new customers, but here are some of the most successful ways: 

Email Marketing allows you to update your customers on events, or promotions, or just remind them to come to visit you. When customers book with you, you can ask them for their email and then continue to keep in touch with them to turn one-time customers into loyal customers. Also, keeping your customers in the loop about events and promotions can help bump up your numbers in the off-season. 

Search Engine Optimization improves the quality and quantity of website traffic to your website from search engines, ensuring that you get as many new customers as possible. Optimizing your website is simple to do and a full guide is available here 

 Social Media Marketing is probably the simplest and fastest way to market your business and directly reach the customers who are looking for you. Tour and rental businesses offer some of the most beautiful picturesque views. Also by utilizing hashtags and geographic tags, you’re able to target exactly who is looking for your type of tour, activity, or rental. 

Having an online booking platform is necessary for growing your business.

Of the 148 million online travel bookings in 2018, 82% occurred without any human interaction, by using a mobile app or website. Indexic offers the best online booking and rental reservation software for improving and streamlining your golf car, ATV, boat, or snowmobile tours and rentals. 

Online Booking is how a large majority of people book their tours and rentals. Many bookings are last minute and done on the go, and Indexic makes not only online booking, but also mobile booking, simple and easy to get you more customers. 

Direct Bookings are increased by having online booking software. Direct bookings come straight from your website so there are no third parties involved; therefore, no fees or commission expenses for you to pay.  

There are no limitations with online booking. You don’t want to be confined to your 9-5 office hours for people to book you. Online booking also decreases your expenses, because there's less of a need for a staff member to be on duty waiting for bookings.  

Last-minute bookings are drastically increasing, these aren’t possible without online booking software. The biggest shift in customer bookings is the trend towards last-minute bookings. According to Google statistics, travel-related searches with the keywords ‘tonight’ and ‘today’ have increased by 522% in the past five years 


Form a personality and brand for your business.  

In the tour and rental industry, personality is a large part of the industry. Of course, customers prefer having simple to use booking and reservation software, and they want their boats, golf cars, ATVs, and snowmobile rentals and tours to be safe and exciting, but customer service is key to building a personality for your company. 

Train your employees to give exemplary customer service. Your operators and workers are the face of your customers and can make or break a guest’s experience. Make sure to train them properly on how to treat and interact with guests, and your company will have a positive personality and brand. 

Safety training is key. The tour and rental business can be dangerous if your staff isn’t trained correctly because they won’t be able to keep your customers safe. Guests need to be trained on ATV, snowmobile,  boat, and golf car safety before they can use them. If you keep your guests safe and happy, they’ll keep coming back to you.

Encourage your customers to write reviews. If your customers love your business, ask them to tell everyone else. Personal reviews can be incredibly influential in the tour and rental industry, and the more you have the more your brand will be recognized. Having an online booking software also increases your ability to easily get customer reviews, because they can review right online. 

 Protecting your company is one of the most important aspects of growing your business 

The tour and rental industry are full of amazing views and experiences, but you need to ensure you are protected with secure software. 

Having a solid waiver or contract agreement your customers need to sign is key. Having these in place will reduce your chances of liability issues and possible litigation.  Having a solid waiver in place is important.    

Make sure you know who is signing your waivers. You want to ensure that you have strong waiver software that can tell you who exactly signs your waiver, when it is signed, and where it’s signed. Without these features, you’re opening up your company to too much liability.  

Have online waivers that can be signed in advance. These online waivers not only help protect your company but help your company run so much smoother. With advance waivers, wait and set-up times are drastically reduced when customers arrive at your business.

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