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How to Use Google Analytics to Optimize your Website Performance

Having a strong online image is important to potential customers, and tracking your website's activity and engagement is imperative to making your business grow. Google’s free and easy-to-use service, Google Analytics, can help you do this. They tell you what areas of your website need to be improved upon, and give you the tools and direction to do so.


How can Google Analytics help your business?

  1. Show you a profile of your visitor:

Google Analytics allows you to see the age, gender, and location of your user, allowing you to see if you’re reaching your target audience, and what you need to change if you’re not

  1. Allows you to set and track your business goals:

Google Analytics allows you to see how well your website supports your business objectives. Your goals can be a certain amount of purchases or bookings, newsletter signups, or any other specific goals you want to keep track of.

  1. See why people leave your site:

Google Analytics allowed you to see at what point on your website users exited. Knowing when the users leave gives you insight on what areas of your website to change to improve the users experience and lead to more bookings.

  1. Discover what’s working - and what isn’t:

Google Analytics gives data on every page of your website, giving you insights into what content your site visitors like and what works well for them, and also what doesn’t.


Why you should use Google Analytics for your business

  1. 94% of first impressions online relate to the design of your website.
  2. It takes about .05 seconds for a user to form an opinion about your website
  3. 75% of website credibility comes from design
  4. 89% of consumers choose a competitor after having a poor user experience


Google Analytics is more than just numbers about your website, it is a simple way to drastically improve your online presence, allowing your business to perform at it’s best and continue to grow.