Kat's Pro Tips > Is Your Website Converting Visitors To Buyers?

Here at Indexic, our team is always developing and changing with the industry. The biggest component to that development, is learning. Recently, we have taken to learning more about what the key items are for a tour and activity operator to influence a shopper to become a buyer. What are some aspects you can control on your website that will create a simple and relaxed booking experience for your customers?

We have worked closely with our web development team to compile a recipe for web success on your website. Here are a few key ingredients.

  • Make your unique value proposition clear
    • Visitors must be able to spot, from your homepage, why they should do business with you.
      • What is their benefit from booking with you?
      • How are you different from your competitors?
      • What makes you unique?
  • Make sure to include high-quality pictures
    • Website visitors need a clear image of what they can expect to see when deciding to choose your business (2800 pixels wide recommended).
      • Images of past customers enjoying their activity/tour are uplifting for prospective customers.
      • Give them something to look forward to by allowing customers to see themselves participating in what you’re offering.
  • Give a concise, detailed description on your homepage
    • Customers must be able to instantly read about what it is that you offer in 1,000 words or less.
    • Your ‘About’ page should be well-developed information that allows your customers to get to know you, along with details about how you differ from competitors.
      • Think about all the aspects of the experience you would want to know before agreeing to book an activity.
  • Create a ‘Contact’ page.
    • Contact pages lead to credibility and make it easier for customers to get in touch with you.
      • Don’t hide your contact info! Sometimes people have questions to ask before booking or may not feel comfortable booking online. Make it easy for people to contact you.
  • Make sure your ‘Book Now’ buttons are easily found.
    • Your main goal is for people to reach the ‘Book Now’ page with the intention to buy, so make it easy for them to do that.
      • Color, size, and placement are key components to making this happen.
    • The process should be simple, fast, and easy.
      • Once they have clicked your booking button, make the process as intuitive as possible.

If you are catching our drift, we know you have picked up on the underlying theme of this piece: simplicity. Step into a customer’s shoes for a minute and recognize that, as a consumer, you want the process to be easy. Many people will be booking adventures with you while already feeling stress from the rest of their vacation planning. Be the breath of fresh air for them. When they arrive on to your site, point them in the right direction, tell them who to ‘contact’ if they need assistance, and most importantly, find ways to influence your shopper to become a buyer.

Why should this be so important? By improving your website conversion rate just 1 point, you could improve your website sales by 12% to 33%.

At Indexic we know much effort goes into making your business a success—we’ve had to put in that hard work, too! We are dedicated and passionate about simplifying online booking software so you can stop sweating the details and grow your business while focusing on what you really love. Which is why we always want to share what we are learning with you.