Electronic Waiver

Electronic waivers save you time, money, and worry

Hurricane Ian made a major and life-changing impact on parts of Florida. Those who were in its’ path are dealing with rebuilding their businesses, and those who were spared are reflecting on what could have been. This is a good time for both groups to look at how they do business and what they can do to minimize the damage any kind of weather disaster may cause.

One of the biggest causes of damage is water damage. Anything that is paper can be written off as unsavable. Not a big deal when you are discussing your brochures or flyers, these can be replaced easily enough. It’s a much bigger problem when the paper in question is your liability waivers! Many of us store boxes and boxes of signed liability waivers in storage facilities or garages, and even if they are neatly organized and labeled, it’s all pointless when they are soaking wet and unreadable. Each state has its’ own retention policy for liability waivers and those requirements do not go away because of weather disasters.  What can you do to better protect a part of your business from this type of loss?  Go digital.

Digital waivers have many benefits, one of the greatest being that weather events do not destroy them.  aWaiver stores your waivers for you in a safe and cushioned cloud far away from wind, rain, fire, or anything else that can try and wreck your protective legal barrier. aWaiver safely stores your waivers for you for 7 years. Digital waivers also mean you don’t have to deal with paper at all.  No more stockpiling printed waivers for the season in your home or storage area where they are subject to loss or destruction.  aWaiver allows you to have an unlimited supply of waivers at your fingertips cost-free until they are used.

We can’t help you dodge a hurricane, but we can help you prepare your company to be ready when a weather event happens, so you don’t lose valuable information.  Ditch the paper and go digital, it’s one less thing to worry about in cases of emergency.