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Transition to Electronic Waiver Software and Leave Paper Waiver Behind

Are you a tour or rental company still using paper waivers? If so, it’s time to consider switching to electronic waivers (online waivers). Electronic waivers are a faster, easier, and more secure option compared to their paper counterparts. By making the switch, you can save time, reduce paperwork, and eliminate potential security issues. In this blog post, we’ll discuss three reasons why your tour or rental company should ditch paper waivers for electronic waivers.

Online Waiver Software - Say Goodbye to Paper Waivers

Now is the perfect moment to make the transition to electronic waivers. Online waivers offer a quicker, simpler, and more secure alternative to traditional paper waivers. By embracing this change, you can not only save time and reduce paperwork but also enhance security measures. In this blog post, we will delve into three compelling reasons why your tour or rental company should bid farewell to paper waivers and embrace the efficiency of electronic waivers.

1) Electronic Waivers are Faster & Easier

When it comes to tour and rental operations, time is of the essence. Paper waivers take more time than electronic waiver software and can slow down your process. With electronic waivers, you can streamline your operations as customers can book and sign their waivers online before they arrive, saving your team valuable time and paperwork. 

Digital waivers allow your staff to remove the manual process associated with paper waivers and move on to other tasks, such as preparing for the customer’s arrival or getting ready for the next event. By switching to digital waivers, you can increase efficiency and reduce operational costs.

2) Online Waivers Are More Secure

Online waivers, sometimes called digital waivers, provide a more secure way of collecting waiver information than paper waivers. Electronic waivers are less prone to errors and have built-in security features that help ensure the accuracy of the waiver information. With an electronic waiver system, all the waiver data is securely stored and encrypted so it can't be altered or manipulated. 

In addition, many electronic waiver systems allow for two-factor authentication, meaning that two separate forms of identity verification are required to access the system. This additional layer of security helps protect your customer's data from being accessed by unauthorized users. Furthermore, with an electronic waiver system, you can easily track who has and has not signed the waiver. This makes it much easier to ensure that everyone participating in your tour or rental has completed the necessary paperwork. Overall, electronic waivers are a more secure way to collect and store waiver information than paper waivers.

3) Electronic Waivers Are More Environmentally Friendly

When you make the switch from paper waivers to electronic waivers, you're also making a positive impact on the environment. Digital or online waivers are much more eco-friendly than paper waivers because they don't require the use of physical resources such as ink, paper, and shipping materials. By using an online waiver instead of a paper waiver, you can help reduce your company's carbon footprint and protect our planet. 

Additionally, digital waivers are more easily stored and can be accessed at any time without having to physically store them in filing cabinets. This eliminates the need for printing extra copies of paperwork and cuts down on the amount of paper waste created by your company. By taking advantage of electronic or online waivers, you can do your part to make a difference in the fight against climate change.

4) Are a Safer and More Reliable Way to Store

Digital waivers have many benefits, one of the greatest being that weather events do not destroy them.  For instance, aWaiver stores the waivers for you in a safe and cushioned cloud far away from the wind, rain, fire, or anything else that can try and wreck your protective legal barrier. aWaiver safely stores your waivers for you for 7 years

5) E-Waivers Saves Money

Electronic Waiver Software means you don’t have to deal with paper at all.  No more stockpiling printed waivers for the season in your home or storage area where they are subject to loss or destruction.  Indexic's sister company, aWaiver allows you to have an unlimited supply of waivers at your fingertips cost-free until they are used.


Paper waivers are an outdated and inefficient way of getting the necessary information from customers. Tour and rental companies can benefit greatly from switching to electronic waivers or digital waivers instead. Electronic waivers are faster and easier to process than paper waivers, making them a great time-saving tool for businesses. 

Additionally, online waivers provide more security due to the extra layer of encryption they provide. Finally, electronic waivers are much more environmentally friendly than paper waivers as they require no physical printing, which will save you money and it provide you with a safer way to store them. All of these factors make it clear that tour and rental companies should make the switch to digital waivers.