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Build Your Tour and Activity Sales by Offering Gift Cards


The holiday season is upon us, bringing with it an abundance of opportunities for tour and rental companies to capitalize on consumer spending. For tour and rental operators, this festive period can be particularly lucrative. Beyond the usual bookings and being productive, there's a golden ticket for extra revenue, offer online gift cards. Let’s dive into how to build your tour and activity sales by offering gift cards into your business model can substantially elevate your holiday profits.

How to Start and Implement Gift Cards:

  • Promote Early and Clearly: Start your gift card campaign early in the holiday season. Use your past customer database and email them an offer, post it on social media, and your website to make potential customers aware of your offerings.
  • Offer Online Purchasing: Make it easy for customers by offering online gift card purchases, complete with electronic delivery along with a personalized message.  If you don't currently offer gift cards, contact Indexic's Customer Support at or call (800) 742-4781 Ext.2
  • Offer a Selection of Choices: People like choices, so give them a choice.  Offer gift cards in a set dollar amount i.e. $100 and the entire cost (taxes and fees) of an activity.  For instance, offer your most popular activities, a 2-hour jet ski/wave runner rental for two.  
  • Bundle with Offers: Pair gift cards with promotional deals, such as "Buy a $100 gift card and get 15% off. This entices bigger purchases and repeat business.
  • Track and Analyze Sales: Use analytics to monitor which gift card packages are most popular. This data will help you refine your strategies for the next holiday season.

The holiday season offers a prime opportunity for tour and rental operators to capitalize on the gifting culture. By offering and promoting gift cards effectively, businesses can not only increase their immediate revenue but also foster long-term customer loyalty and engagement. So, deck the halls and get those gift cards ready – this season promises to be profitable!

Want to learn more about adding gift cards?  Indexic's Customer Support would be glad to help.  Contact us at or call (800) 742-4781 Ext.2