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A Guide to Driving Tour and Activity Online Ticket Sales

You’ve developed a great-looking website for your business and set up an online booking system.

Now, how do you drive people to purchase their tickets online?

We have a few great tips, and easy steps to implement that will make a huge impact in driving online ticket sales.

Big Buttons

You know in movies, where there is a big red button that is not supposed to be touched, but the character is so tempted to press it despite what might happen next. Make the “Book Now

” button the big red button for your website! It doesn’t need to actually be a red button, but it should be big and noticeable.

Advertise You Provide Online Booking

On all your advertising, make sure to include the words “Buy Tickets Online” and include your web address. It’s a simple update that will make a big difference.

Exclusive Online Booking Deals

The customer should never struggle to secure the best reservation with your business. If you’re offering coupons, make sure to always include the code and offers on all your advertising, so it is easy to use. To encourage online ticket sales, also include messaging that indicates it is an “exclusive” online deal. This will help eliminate those wishing to save money from calling you and instead purchase online.

Remove Your Phone Number From The Home Page

Take the business phone number off the home page of your website. Make purchasing and reserving tickets online the quick and immediate solution. If customers see your phone number as the first point of contact, they will call to reserve manually. This sounds great on the surface, but you are very busy during the day, and eliminating reservation phone calls from your daily activities will increase your business productivity overall. When you move the phone number to the “Contact Us Page” you make phone reservations a secondary option.

Utilize a Voice Over IP Service

For those who end up deciding to call your business, possibly because they found your number during a search or on an old advertisement, voice-over IP services like Ring Central or One Box allow you to set up a recorded message that can answer basic questions and include a welcome message. This is an opportunity to inform the caller that if they wish to purchase tickets, to please hang up and go to your website to book online.

Now, these great tips only work if you have a great online booking system. A system that allows your customers to complete their transactions quickly and easily, securing multiple activities all in one purchase. No one wants to enter his or her information over and over again, and onsite purchases can slow down the customer’s ultimate experience of having fun and making memories. Our software, Event Book Manager, offers your customers the best online booking experience and guarantees that their first experience with your company is an awesome one. Now put down the phone, and start driving those online ticket sales.


The customer should never struggle to secure a reservation