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Tour and Rental Descriptions that Sell and Improve Sales

Well-written tour, rental, and activity descriptions will improve online conversions and grow sales.  

Writing a good and persuasive tour description is the first step in attracting customers. When customers are scrolling on online travel and booking sites, the endless options start to all look the same, which is why you need to write a tour description that will make you stand out from the rest.  

Be straightforward.  

Customers want to quickly understand what your tour, rental, or activity offers. Make this known by using your straightforward description and by providing pictures that the customer can’t help but stop and look at.  

Vouch for your tour.  

In the short time, you have the reader's attention, you need to convey to them why your tour or rental is a better choice than the others. Anything special your tour has to offer should be expressed to the reader as soon as possible. 

 Let them know important information upfront. 

Is your tour handicap friendly? Do you have an age minimum or limit? What locations does your tour take them to? All of this should be included, even if it’s just in a subheading. Reassure your customer they know exactly what they’re going to get.   

Show don’t just tell. 

Whenever possible, include pictures and even YouTube videos. People are visual, so action photos and videos will capture their attention quickly. Having an eye-catching photo to go along with your tour description set you apart from your competition and makes the customer more likely to stop and read your tour description.  

Use bullet points for standout points. 

If there is something you want to really stand out that highlights your tour, include it in a bullet point. The reader's eyes will be drawn there first, and they’ll absorb that vital information even without reading your whole description, drawing their attention in.  


  • Whale Watching Boat Tours - GTD to see a whale or your money back - available 7 days a week from 9 am-7 pm 
  • Sunrise Jet Ski Tours - Find Rare Shell and See Dolphins! 

Have an explanatory title. 

Don’t make the title of your tour just the name of your company or something generic like, “Boat Tour.” Make your title draw the reader with descriptive and action words, expressing what their tour will be like.  

Your goal when writing your company’s tour, rental, or activity descriptions is to attract customers and steer them away from your competition and to your business. Having a compelling tour description is vital, especially with the hundreds of options people are given when researching potential tours. For you to get new customers and more business you need to ensure that your tour description stands out among the rest.  

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