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 Improve your boat tour and rental business using QR codes

Google has been pushing QR codes on us for years. But they had not caught on. It was the COVID pandemic that resuscitated the use of QR codes due to the need for touchless interactions, and consumers became comfortable using them. Here in the US, most Americans, 97%, have a smartphone. All have a built-in camera function that can scan a QR code. 

The tourism industry across the world has reopened, and businesses are accessing permanent changes in how we interact with each other and are looking to adopt the use of contactless technology in their tour, rental, and activity businesses. Using QR codes is an easy way to incorporate some of this technology for free. 

What is a QR Code

It is an acronym for Quick Response Code.  QR Codes are an easy and fast way to get to a specific destination on your IOS or Android devices. By simply using the camera on your mobile device and scanning a QR code, you can get a direct link to a specific site, email address, or other destination desired by the creator. 

Why Use QR Codes

You want to use QR codes due to the remarkable versatility that it offers their users. The QR Code can redirect its scanner to a website, a specific location on a map, a video or song, a Facebook profile page, can create a contact in your address book, or even call a specific number.  They have the potential to raise your product or company to a higher level of awareness, accessibility, and success.  Also, due to the Covid pandemic, your customers don’t want to come into close contact with anyone or anything to stay safe, so they want more touchless interactions, according to a study done by Travel Daily News

Where to Use a QR Code

You already know how QR codes work and why your business may want to use them, but where exactly should they be employed? Here are a handful of popular uses for a tour, rental, or activity company to consider: 

  • Website Connection -a QR code to your company's home page where customers can get all necessary information about your offerings. 

  •  Location finding - a QR code could be placed on the email confirmation for those that printed their receipt. It will reduce phone calls and direct your customers to a specific location on Google Maps, such as your office or a meeting spot.
  • Signing a waiver and or rental agreement – placing a QR code at your registration desk that directs them to review any agreement and sign the waiver. 
  • Safety Videos - a QR code could be used to direct customers to watch any required video prior to the activity beginning.
  • Sell Tickets – place a QR code right on your ticket booth or registration area, so they do not have to wait in line. A terrific way to start their customer journey.
  • Social Media - using an eye-catching graphic to embed QR codes can help guide customers to your Instagram or Facebook page. One scan can generate many followers.
  • Customer acquisition– guide people to you by promoting unique offers or discounts in advertisements that will take them directly to your site.
  • Get More Reviews - ask for a review right after the activity.  Place your review QR code in an area that all will see right at the end of the experience. 
  • Wireless network connection -rather than writing and updating your network's name and password, you can add a QR code to your office or other Wi-Fi location so customers can connect directly to your network using their smartphones. 

Creating a QR Code Strategy

Before investing in printing and creating QR codes, you should have a plan. A few things you should consider when creating a QR code strategy include: - What are you trying to achieve with this strategy? - Where will you place your QR codes? - What content will your QR codes link to? - How will you keep track of the codes and their performance?

How to Create a QR Code

There are several companies that provide this service some for free and some have a nominal charge. Here are a few companies:

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