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Free Business Listings - Google Business Profile Improves Local SEO

Google Search is the undisputed champion of search engines with +91.5% of the market and its closest competitor, Bing, has a 3.19% global market share. 

Having a Google Business Profile (GBP) is necessary for any tour and rental company to find your business. A GBP improves any small business's local SEO by informing more people about your business, another tool to improve revenue.

Creating a free business listing is fast and simple, making it easier for customers to find your company and services. A GBP will display vital details about your local business. This includes your location, hours, photos, phone number, and customer reviews. This will help your business to stand out. 

If you do not have a Google Business Profile, click START HERE and begin to stand out.

Google Business Profile-A Must for a Tour, Activity, and Rental Company

  • Complete the profile as much as possible. Answering as many questions as you can helps you rank higher.
  • Use relevant keywords. Customers use that to find their business when searching for related terms. For instance, "Boat Tours Charleston" or "Boat Rentals near Isle of Palms".
  • Add high-quality photos and videos. Highlight your location, team, and what makes your company unique.
  • Encourage customer reviews. Positive reviews boost your credibility and attract new customers. Respond to all reviews, both good and bad.
  • Update your profile monthly. Add new content like articles, pictures, or company updates to improve your listing placement.
  • Take advantage of new features. Use Business Posts to announce promotions and events. Create an FAQ section to answer frequent questions and save time.
  • Link to your social media accounts. This makes it easier for customers to find everything they need in one place.
  • Optimize for mobile: with 97% of the United States population over the age of 18 now owning a smartphone, you have to make sure your site is fast and friendly for phone users. Several Googlers brought this up, so it's clearly on their minds.
  • Use the analytics from your Business Profile! Google provides monthly updates on guest locations, website visits, phone calls, and more.

For more tips on GBP click here.

Google Business Profile is just one of many free business listings that are out there.  Others may include the local chamber of commerce, trade associations, convention, and visitors bureau, plus others depending upon your business and location.  

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