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Advertising Is Not About You

When it comes to increasing sales, the Indexic team doesn’t play around!  And when it comes to playing around, the Indexic team…well, bourbon…we use bourbon. Having built Indexic from the ground up, we know it takes smarts and grit to grow and keep growing. We’ve put together a 3-part series on boosting sales because we are here to give you tangible actions and not just a high-level view of general practices. We strive to be less ‘preachy’ and more ‘teachy’. Part 1 of the series focuses on advertising because the impact affects current prospects and future prospects, near and far.

The act of advertising and marketing is traditionally defined as calling attention to your products through paid announcements. That definition made us fall asleep as well… and guaranteed if you approach it that way, so will your customers.

A Different Approach to Advertising:

Advertising should:

    1. Inspire customers to want to improve their current state.

    2. Show them how they can easily achieve a better state.

    3. Offer options that they can choose from to improve their current state.

This changes the game from dancing in front of customers like a puppet monkey, to helping customers make informed decisions. Creating awareness of your product should come secondary to helping them and showing them they have choices in how they achieve their desires. When people have choices they feel in control. When people feel in control, they take action – and in this case, action means you are selling.

How To Inspire The Purchase

    • Boost your social media posts - a low budget can lead to high reach and engagement.

    • Promote your uniqueness … no, you don’t need to go on a discovery journey up Machu Picchu. It’s usually the thing you think should be a no-brainer:

      • We treat you like family

      • Your fun is what runs our business

      • Otter, the office dog loves visitors… you get the idea!

    • If you’re participating in a local event, then promote it.  If you're not, then find an event to participate in, and then promote it!

    • Swap your mailing lists with partners – don’t be “that company”, use clever ways to keep your customer’s in-the-know and offer opt-out options. It’s called being a good human.

    • Spread your brochures and flyers in local shops or restaurants.

    • Advertise specials on holidays – especially Small Business Saturday on Nov 30, because customers want to support local!

    • Use testimonials in your social media posts, your discount flyers, and your website.

    • Don’t under-estimate the power of video – if it were currency it would be bitcoin… no one really knows the magic behind it but people are enamored with it. Create videos with intent:

      • Testimonial videos that you post on social media should be unpolished because customers want the real deal.

      • Marketing videos should be short and to the point with more production power behind them.

    • Speaking of testimonials, sell your amazing customer service along with your competitive pricing.

    • Improve the SEO of your website to be the first on your customer's search results - Ok, we admit this last one isn’t as easy, but it’s worth investing in as a long term strategy!

Customer reviews are the most valuable commodity when building trust and customer loyalty. Indexic’s online booking system automates your follow up communication at the same time as keeping the message branded and personalized. Our experts in marketing and in business growth strategy have many more of these tips up their sleeves… trust us, we have a lot of sleeves in the office. When you sign up with Indexic, you get complimentary social media sponsored boosts, which exponentially increases your reach and link clicks.

Do you want an easy way to manage bookings, waivers, and discounts (along with some free advertising)?

Do you believe that people buy online more than ever before?

Well done, if you answered yes to both questions (try again if you didn’t ;)).

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