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Tips to Increase Holiday Sales for Tour Operators

Enhancing Holiday Revenue Through Utilizing Tour Booking Software

Overall, most holiday tour and rental operators can expect an influx of online tour and rental bookings — especially when it comes to golf cart rentals, boat rentals, jet ski rentals, tours, ATV rentals, watersports, and beach activities. Tour operators can turn to tour booking software to help them stay organized, efficient, and profitable during these especially busy times. Here are a few ways in which utilizing online tour booking software can help you stay on track and survive holiday weekends.  In this blog, we will talk about ways you can increase tour operator sales using these best practices.  

Maximize Your Holiday Revenue

When you have stagnant equipment or open tour spots due to last-minute cancellations or early rental returns, you’re losing out on revenue. During busy holiday weekends, you may have had a waitlist or could have been able to rent the equipment to someone else during that extra time frame. However, if you have to manually schedule all bookings or tours, chances are you won’t have the time or capacity to fill those open slots on such short notice.  

That’s why INDEXIC’s tour reservation software was built to automatically maximize selling potential. If a customer returns a rental early or cancels a reservation, even if it’s last minute, all it takes is the clicking of one “return the resource early” or “cancel” button on our software platform. Then, that equipment or tour spot is immediately put back up for rental or booking — meaning that instead of sitting idle, a paying customer can use it.

Manage Equipment and Reservations

With our free tour booking software, you can manage your equipment and reservations with ease by leveraging capabilities such as automatically setting rentals aside for tours. This is especially helpful during holiday weekends when you have an influx in volume to keep track of.

For example, let’s say you offer a two-person guided jet ski tour. If a customer books this activity, the software would know to set aside two jet skis for the participants, plus automatically pull an additional jetski from being available to rent for the guide to use. This saves you time and frustration because you aren’t having to factor in all of these moving parts yourself. Plus, this automation reduces the risk of human error (such as forgetting to set aside a jet ski for the tour guide and then not having one available). 

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Holiday weekends bring an influx of tourists, and visitors will love the convenience factor of being able to make a rental or tour reservation online. This way, they aren’t limited to only booking during business hours (which can be especially difficult if they’re coming from a different time zone) and don’t have to wait on hold until one of your employees is available. Plus, our activity booking software makes it possible for customers to reschedule or make a cancellation on their own. If their travel plans change, they can make a change themselves without having to take the time to call and have a staff member do it manually. This ease and flexibility can help make them choose a tour or rental with you over a competitor!

Additionally, our free tour booking software includes a two-way texting capability so you can send automated confirmation and reminder texts that still have a personal touch. With this technology, you are able to confirm bookings without having to leave a voicemail and wait for a response, they can send a reminder including important information like what participants should wear and bring when the event is approaching. This helps reduce the risk of no-shows while exciting your customers about their upcoming activity. During peak, weekends, when customers have a lot of options for where to book their rental or tour, this level of customer service can be what differentiates you from other tour operators.

Stay Organized and Efficient

Overall, an online tour booking software can mean the difference between simply staying afloat during a holiday weekend and crushing it! When you can rely on your tour booking software to help you maximize bookings and revenue, manage your equipment and reservations, and provide a positive customer experience, you have fewer things to stress about.

Our software is equipped with “the one-click process,” enabling you to do everything you need on one screen without having to transfer between menus and website pages. This expedites administrative processes, resulting in fewer errors and headaches. This means that you can be more organized and efficient — allowing you to put more time and effort into interacting with your customers and improving your business.

At Indexic, our Tour Operator Software can help your business run smoothly — especially during busy holiday weekends. We’re experts in the tourism industry, and we’re passionate about helping your business streamline operations to see increased revenue, efficiency, and customer satisfaction! Ready to see how INDEXIC can work for your tour and rental booking business? Schedule your free live software demo today!

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