Kat's Pro Tips > Welcome Indexic's New Head of Sales - Janine Lyman

We're excited to welcome Janine Lyman to the Indexic family as our new Head of Sales.

Find out more about Janine and what she brings to Indexic below:

I’m thrilled to join Indexic as the Head of Sales.  I have a keen sense of adaptability, which has been cultivated by my privileged experience in many different industries including education, graphic design, career coaching, interior design, organizational development, business development, and the travel industry. My 8+ years of experience with operations and sales makes me well suited to the challenges of leading teams and driving quality metrics.  Every decision I make is strategic and tactical in nature with a close eye on future impacts.  I pride myself on the ability to find the balance between maximizing company gains and customer satisfaction.  This enthusiasm for excellence and exceeding performance targets is driven by my passion for improving my life and the lives of others.

I’m an ever-optimist, a dreamer, a self-starter, a pragmatist, and an educator at heart.  I deeply value relationships and experiences over possessions.

My professional accomplishments stem from a strong academic foundation, including my Masters of Mathematics from Georgia State University, with concentrations in Computer Science, Music, Psychology, and Education.

I am a native South African and keep myself busy with external involvements in teaching math, training dogs, traveling, and triathlons.