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Delving into the FAQ's of Indexic's Tour and Activity Booking Software

Indexic Booking Software was developed by tour operators who understand the daily stresses of running a tour business. They know how the weather can ruin a whole day and the on-your-feet problem-solving that’s demanded when too many people show up for an overbooked session. Event Book Manager is so intuitive it’s a ray of sunshine on the rainiest day, and you never have to worry about overbooking again. Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions people have before bringing Event Book Manager on as their best “new hire.”   

What if I have to refund an online booking?

Refunds are easy; you can refund the total ticket amount or partial amount with one click. You also can set user access and decide which members of staff have the authorization to issue refunds.  Receipts for refunds are emailed to the customer automatically for you.

I need to know what bookings I have in advance; will last-minute bookings cause me problems? 

You can set any booking window that works for you. Indexic allows online bookings up to an hour before the event or cut off online sales 24 hours before the event. You are able or use any timescale that works for your business for online booking. And when online sales are closed, you as the operator can still book the event which allows you to accept last-minute walk-ups.  At Indexic we understand everyone runs their schedule differently and EBM allows you to do that.

I use the same equipment for multiple events, how will that work?

Indexic has one of the most advanced resource modules available. You tell us which events need which resources and EBM will ensure your resources are never overbooked. EBM will also check the availability of resources before offering customers booking options; this removes your customers’ frustrations of getting to the end of their booking only to find out there isn’t availability for the time they selected.

We work directly from the beach; we don’t have an office so how will we be able to go digital?

Indexic is mobile-friendly; the entire system can be used to its full ability directly from a cell phone or tablet that has internet access. You can sign in to Indexic on multiple devices at one time so more than one employee can be taking bookings, checking availability, taking payments, or checking people in at the same time. Indexic as mobile as you are and can work wherever you work.

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